Where it all began

Liverpool Music Award Nominee, Singer songwriter Anna Corcoran, originally from Formby Merseyside,  graduated from Goldsmiths college in 2005, with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Since then, Anna has been performing extensively nationwide, holding residencies in some of the country’s most exclusive establishments.

   Immersed in music; and starry-eyed at a beautiful steinway in The Dorchester,The Ritz or Pall Mall’s exclusive RAC Club, Anna truly mastered the art of the late night piano bars of London.  With a repertoire of easily over 5 hours of music, Anna thrived of audience requests and the challenge of winning over the crowd.

However during this time she began to crave the focus of music lovers and  ‘listening audiences’.

These audiences were initially found venturing outside of London and back to her home town of Liverpool where Anna has been creating quite a stir with her recent run of concerts.

Working both as a solo artist and in conjunction with  a great community of Liverpool’s musicians – her live performances are receiving much acclaim. 

Musical inspiration

Anna has spent a lot of time experimenting with the music and arrangements of her favourite artists and her passion for the craft of the iconic singer-songwriters developed as her repertoire expanded. Strong echoes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos with  the soulful mellow tones of Sarah McLachlan are very evident in Anna’s live sound.

Easier Than Falling

After more than 10 years of live gigs, travelling and recording sessions, it was time to make an album. With the love and support of Anna’s incredible fan base, the money was raised via Pledge Music to make this dream a reality and now the music is alive and ready for the world to hear.

“The crowd moves in, the show begins”
– The Show, Anna Corcoran